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What about your Doctor ?

It is strongly recommended that you maintain a relationship with your GP or Specialist. Homeopathy can work alongside and complementary to conventional medicine.Whilst homeopathy is a powerful healing system it is recognised, in my practice, as complimentary to mainstream medical diagnosis and treatment, rather than a substitute.

There is much debate around the subject of homeopathy - thinking about questions you may have such as :

Is Homeopathy safe? 

What is it made from? 

Is there any proof homeopathy works? 

How long does treatment take ?  

Is homeopathy covered under health insurance? Or the NHS?

you may care to explore -  these links for further information:

Data protection and the storing of patient notes: 

Following guidelines for best practice, client records can only be kept for 8 years following your last treatment, and children's records until the age of 25yrs. If you have not attended for over 8 years you will need to fill in a new patient questionnaire, as your original notes will have been destroyed. Client files are only seen by relevant healthcare professionals in relation to your treatment. Mobile numbers will only be used to send appointment reminders and to update you on practice changes. 


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